Meet Our Team

Our Vision

Metabolize Health is an insurance-based medical clinic dedicated to tackling the current problems associated with inadequate health care by incorporating an integrative and lifestyle approach to metabolic and hormonal dysfunction. 

Metabolize Health’s mission is to be the most sought-after clinic for transformative healthcare in the country by improving and restoring metabolic and functional health for every unique individual we see.

Our Approach

Our approach includes:

  • A deep dive into an individual’s blood work for personalized strategies to improve inflammation and restore and enhance metabolic and hormonal function. 
  • A cutting-edge medical process to increase energy utilization leading to weight loss, greater vitality, and improving both the way an individual looks and feels. 
  • Comprehensive elite physical exams allow our providers to look “under the hood” and better understand where our patients lie on the optimal health to disease spectrum. 
  • Metabolize Health utilizes various ancillary services, including intramuscular injections, personalized IV therapy, and peptide treatments that improve metabolism, increase energy, and optimal cognitive function. 
  • We have pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) equipment and other regenerative medicine therapies.

Our Team